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Ruhleben Civilian Internee Camp Postcards

Ruhleben Civilian Internee Camp Postcards


I had been invited to take my one frame of Ruhleben Stamps and Postal History along with one frame of drawings of the camp to the philatelic event organised by the Royal Philatelic Society London and Academie de Philatelie de Belgique, at Ypres, Belgium to commemorate the beginning of World War I in 2014. About a week before leaving, I received a cal from David Holmes, Auckland City Stamps. He said, “I have something you should be interested in”.

It turned out to be a collection of Postcards written by Duncan Donaldson Brown, an internee sent to England and Scotland. He was a little bit different in that he was military, whereas most internees were civilians. After the war, Brown worked for the Commonwealth Graces Commission, and  emigrated to New Zealand, working for the Auckland City Council as Chief Gardener. His work remains today because he designed the Albert Park in Auckland. Added to the postcards that I already had, I was able to put one frame together.

I contacted Patrick Maselis, the Head Commissioner for the exhibition, and told him what I had. He said they would somehow make space. The interesting thing is that the 3 frames of Ruhleben material stopped most people, and I received a wonderful response to it.

Exhibition Results

Adelaide Stampex 2017: 89 Points, Gold

The Capital Stamp Show 2015: 81 Points, Large Vermeil