The Moa and The Lion

The Moa and The Lion

This Postcard was in a collection of cigarette Cards that I recently purchased. It took a lot of work to separate it from the album page that it was well and truly stuck down to!

Artist Trevor Lloyd (1863 – 1937) was a pioneer of etching in New Zealand and one of the leading political cartoonists for 32 years. During the 1905 All Black tour of Britain, he drew one of the first cartoons using the Kiwi as a symbol for New Zealand.

2 Replies to “The Moa and The Lion”

  1. HI Lindsay. Great postcard. Trevor Lloyd was my great, great uncle. Would you be interested in selling this if you still have it?


    John Walsh

    1. Hi John,
      Sorry about the delay in replying. I have been hacked with spam and have just cleaned 2000 out.
      I am rather keen on this item, but I know of other copies around. I will keep an eye open for you and ask a few questions. If I come across another, I will let you know.
      Kind regards,

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