Ruhleben Civilian Internee Camp Drawings

Ruhleben Civilian Internee Camp Drawings


These drawings of the Ruhleben Civilian Internee Camp, Germany, WWI were bought in a featured lot in a Sandafayre Public Auction. They were drawn by one of the internees, C. M. A. Whitehouse, who was a British Architect. The detail is unbelievably accurate. One of the plans of the entire camp can be seen in the Ruhleben Stamps and Postal History one frame exhibit.


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  1. I’ve really enjoyed viewing your collections of Ruhleben material. I’ve collected quite a lot myself over the years, including a series of postcards sent to an inmate, William C Brown who was originally from Dundee, Scotland, and at the start of the war was living in Hamburg with his daughter, his German wife having died some time before. Quite a coincidence – both correspondences sent to a Brown, and originally just a few miles apart! My man and his daughter returned to Dundee after the war. I have his obituary from the local newspaper in 1933.

    I’ve also often wondered about a database of Ruhleben photographs, as most seem to have an index number. Might there be an index somewhere? I’ve grabbed a number of copies off the internet over the years.

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